Calabria OFFERS MANY PLACES that are worth visiting.

excursions in calabria

Calabria, a balcony on the Mediterranean … is located in the far south of Italy. Calabria is a culturally rich region with diverse natural resources, between two seas. The Mediterranean climate makes excursions possible from the spring to the end of autumn, the period for the folklore of the peasant and its rites, for the religious traditions and the customs of the ethnic minorities present in Calabria.

Calabria - Costa degli Dei - Aeolian Islands

During your stay at the residence you can go on several full day or half day excursions, to discover the most attractive places and views of the Costa degli Dei, of all of Calabria and of the close Aeolian Island which are just a few hours away by sea:

Discover the Itinerary of Flavours

Calabria is a land of authentic flavours and villages rich in history, with culture going back thousands of years and a great tradition of gastronomy based on olive oil. Above all, it is far away from the overly crowded routes and offers different kinds of experiential and food and wine tourism.

Itinerary through villages, caves and museums

Are you looking for an alternative to the sea?
In addition to the magnificent beaches on the coast and Tropea with its small shops, piazzas and bars where you can relax, it is also possible to visit the wide range of museums and numerous villages in the immediate hinterland of the Costa degli Dei.

Other excursions not to be missed

Coast to Coast excursion and excursion to the small beaches of Capo Vaticano:
  • Excursion by inflatable boat to discover the beaches, the reefs and the bays of the Costa degli Dei (Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Parghelia, Zambrone Marina, Santa Irene a Briatico and Pizzo Calabro).
  • Excursion to the beaches of Capo Vaticano (praia i Focu) by inflatable boat, stopping for swimming and snorkeling (1/2 day)
Excursion to Tropea and to Pizzo Calabro:
  • Visit to Tropea to discover its white beaches and to walk around its old town full of shops, noble palaces and churches. Visit to the S. Maria dell’Isola sanctuary located on the waterfront. Visit to Pizzo Calabro to admire the famous little Piedigrotta church, its old town with the castle of Murat and to taste the truffle ice cream of Pizzo.
  • Visit to Pizzo Calabro to admire the famous little Piedigrotta church, its old town with the castle of Murat and to taste the truffle ice cream of Pizzo.
Excursions to the Aeolian Islands by motor ship / inflatable boat / yacht:
  • Mini cruise to the Aeolian Islands: ttour around two/three islands;
  • Mini cruise to Stromboli by night; Panarea – Strombili by night
  • Day trip iin inflatable boat of yacht to the Aeolian Islands (Stromboli – Panarea);
  • Taxi service with inflatable boat to the Aeolian Islands and Taormina
Other excursions not to be missed:
  • The archeological area of Locri – historic city center of Gerace, Cattolica di Stilo and the Bivongi waterfalls;
  • Visit to Reggio Calabria to admire the Bronzi of Riace and the Museum, its attractive promenade and the town’s main street;
  • Old town of Serra San Bruno and Mongiana’s forest park;
  • Visit to Scylla and to its castle and to the Aspromonte park;


The Residence Osiris is located in Calabria at Capo Vaticano di Ricadi along the road from Capo Vaticano to Tropea that is 6 km away, in a favorable position for many excursions by land and sea.

GPS Coordinates:

  • Latitude: 38.641678
  • Longitude: 15.845377

The beaches and the bays of Capo Vaticano:
The Capo Vaticano promontory has 12 km of beaches and bays interspersed with cliffs, almost all within a few minutes from the residence Osiris along the municipal and provincial road..

Other beaches >> The beaches.

Also, within 3 km, there are:
  • Ricadi train station;
  • Stop of the tourist train to Tropea;
  • Boarding for trips to the Aeolian Islands;
  • Local bus stop;
  • Agency for tourist services/excursions;
  • Other services available